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Choosing the Right Decking for Your New Deck

If you’re planning a new deck, there are many options to explore. Aesthetics, maintenance level and lifespan all play a part in deciding which decking is best for you. Here are several types of woods and materials to consider using.

Cedar and Mahogany

If you’re leaning toward wood, cedar and mahogany are classic choices. The natural knotty appearance of cedar adds character and charm, while mahogany is a little more striking with its deeper shades.
Cedar decking is resistant to decay, but preferable for areas with less foot traffic. You may opt to seal your cedar or not, while mahogany should be fully sealed, fastened with stainless steel and finished.

Pressure Treated

Pressure-treated decking is a very economical option. Made from pine, this decking can be stained in a variety of colors to blend with surroundings. There is some required maintenance as the wood weathers with time.


Another popular choice is composite decking, which is made of fibers from wood and recycled plastic. There is not much maintenance and cleaning required, and the material can be made to resemble natural wood. For extra protection, you can also get composite decking with an added PVC surface.
If you have something different in mind, there are many other types of materials that could also work. Call AAC Building Materials to learn more about choosing the right decking for your new deck.