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Copper Versus Other Metal Gutters: Which Is Right for Your Project


Gutters are an essential, if often overlooked, element of a house's infrastructure, protecting roofs and properties from water damage. When picking gutters for your project, metal gutters are often the best choice, but there are several factors to consider when deciding between copper, steel or aluminum gutters.

Rust Resistance

Rusty gutters are not only unsightly but can leak and cause damage and staining. Steel gutters inevitably develop rust even when painted or galvanized. However, this takes a long period of time. Though rust-resistant, aluminum can corrode if exposed to runoff from algae-resistant roof shingles. Copper may oxidize to an attractive greenish patina over time but will not rust.


Aluminum gutters are lightweight but fairly strong; if they are a thicker grade, the metal expands and contracts with temperature change. Steel gutters are the sturdiest, but copper is nearly as damage-resistant as well as experiencing minimal effects of temperature change.


Steel and aluminum gutters both can be painted to match the roofing or trim. Copper gutters are rarely painted, as their distinctive shine is one of their selling points, complementing the aesthetics of most houses.

Whether you decide on copper or another option, metal gutters are an excellent choice to use for a variety of projects. Contact AAC Building Materials today to get gutters and gutter guards for your building project.