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Is It Time to Replace Your Deck? 5 Clear-Cut Signs

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A deck offers extra living space for enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors, hosting friends and family and creating a private retreat when you need to take a moment away from the madness.

A deck in poor condition won't extend these benefits. Instead, it will negatively influence the overall look of your home and serve as a serious safety hazard. Is your deck in poor condition? Learn the telltale signs that signal a yes.

1. You Have a Deck and a Trampoline

You should have one or the other - a deck or a trampoline. If a walk on your deck offers a bounce similar to walking on a trampoline, it's time for a replacement. Wood naturally has some level of flexibility when pressure is applied to it, which in this case is your weight.

However, decks are installed with joists that are designed to minimize this movement and offer greater stability. As the deck ages, these joists weaken and detach. The more the joists detach, the more movement you will experience.

2. The Deck Is Running Away

The structure of the house and the deck should have a seamless connection. A deck that is running away from the house is a serious problem. Not only is a deck in this condition long past the time for a replacement, but it could also completely detach at any time and seriously injure anyone on or below the deck.

Whenever there is a noticeable gap between the deck and the house, this is typically an indication that the ledger boards are starting to fail. Ledger boards are the fastening system that keeps the deck connected to the house.

3. Your Deck Is an Outlaw

Your deck is an outlaw if its configuration is no longer in compliance with the local ordinances. For example, in Buncombe County, all footers must be installed no less than 12" below grade. A deck with footers that do not meet this depth requirement is out of compliance.

A deck that is older is likely to be out of compliance in more than one area. In addition to the safety hazard a deck in this condition presents, should you try to sell your home, you will run into challenges during the home inspection process.

4. Things Have Gotten Really Rotten

For wood decks, rotting is nothing shy of the plague. However, due to constant exposure to the elements, wood decks sometimes rot. If your wooden deck is showing signs of rotting, make certain you understand that you are on borrowed time.

Like failing ledger boards, rotting can cause the entire deck to collapse, especially if the foundation wood pieces are rotting. When replacing your deck, consider updated material options like pressure-treated lumber or composites, as both of these materials are rot-risk free.

5. You're Embarrassed About Your Relationship

The last sign that it's time to replace your deck is quite simple. If you're embarrassed to claim the deck as your own, it's time for a replacement. Just like every other space around your house, a deck should be enjoyable and showoff-worthy.

When the deck is too small for your family's needs, has serious structural flaws and looks awful, this typically means that it has far exceeded its expiration period. Even if the deck is in sound condition but doesn't complement the recent updates you've made to the exterior of your house, it's a good idea to at least start drafting new deck design ideas.

Enjoy your home even more with a new deck. At AAC Building Materials, we have a variety of options to help you revamp and update your deck.