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AAC Building Materials Showroom

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Building Material Services

AAC Building Materials is all about service! Most of our products are available in standard and custom sizes. We have the largest inventory of any specialty building materials distributor in western North Carolina. If we don’t already have it in stock, special orders come in less than two weeks – many in just one week. We stock three lines of asphalt shingles and two complete lines of vinyl siding. We have an inventory of 15 colors of aluminum guttering in addition to real copper guttering.

AAC Building Materials also offers an in-house sheet metal shop and onsite rolling of standing-seam panel roofing. We offer three brands of screw-down metal roofing, all types of exterior entry doors, interior doors and trim, clad and regular wood windows, storm windows, railing and all types of decking. We can get you standard or custom-made vinyl windows in a week. We specialize in custom orders ... give us a call today!

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